About Touch Surgery

Using pixels, data & code to make healthcare better. #ChangingSurgery

Why Touch Surgery?

We're building a company that makes a difference.

A company that impacts people around the world.

A company that helps to save lives.

That's why our people are so important to us.

We look after you, which helps you look after everyone else.

The Mission

We use pixels, data and code to improve healthcare - and we're starting with global surgery. Over 5 billion people around the world do not have safe surgical care. We do our part by ensuring that the surgical community around the world are connected and empowered to make the best decisions for their patients.

The Family

Our people make Touch Surgery special. The Touch Surgery family solve problems everyday in the name of our core mission to connect and empower the global surgical community. Yes - we call it a family because that's how we feel about everyone.

At Touch Surgery we bring together smart and talented people from a large diversity of backgrounds, cultures and experiences. As well as being founded by surgeons who self-taught themselves to code, we have world-leading talent from the movie/visual effects industry (including some oscar winning movies), mobile, gaming and digital sectors.

The Touch Surgery Lab is set near Old Street Station in a newly refurbished space. (We call it a Lab because we are continuously experimenting with better ways to do things). It's a great part of London, and right at the heart of the growing technology scene.

If you decide to join us, expect to make friends that go beyond work, improve your table tennis skills, and learn new things everyday. All whilst making the world a better place :)

Are you up for the challenge?

If this feels like the place for you get in Touch!

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